About Us

We're a friendly bunch of people

Breaking the Ice

findadrive is an organisation led by a team with a fresh perspective and a very clear aim. Our goal is to create a new platform which can help the individual driver find more work; or rather allowing work to find the individual driver. This will serve as a helping hand to shift more work towards the individual and most dedicated drivers.

While doing so, we wanted to bring the best and most effective way for the travelers in Malta to find the closest taxi drivers available, as quickly as possible and in style - that is why we have prepared an app.

We Appreciate all the help and support given to us by the taxi drivers who are subscribed to findadrive. Our drivers have always stood by our side and we are still getting more requests from new drivers wanting to join our team. If you have a heart warming personality and a passion for transport, we would be more than happy to welcome you onboard!